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❝ Weekly Video Game Icontest ❞

Video Game Icontest
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video game icontest.

» Welcome to vgicontest a weekly icontest focused on video game fandom. Each week you'll have four themes to work with: one general theme, a lyrical theme, a texture theme and an image theme OR you'll have an inspiration post to inspire your icons on.

» I adrastea will be your mod and banner maker here.

» Rules:
▫ You may submit up to 4 icons.
▫ Use only official images: official arts, screencaps, artbook scans, etc. No fanart is allowed.
▫ Icons must be freshly made for the contest.
▫ Icons should fit the LJ requirements: 100x100 pixels or less, less than 40kb, in .png, .gif or .jpg formats.
▫ Icons should be anonymous/Do not promote your icons until the results are up.

▫ Vote for three icons for general placement and one for the Special Category.
▫ Do not vote for yourself or ask for voting in your icons.
▫ Do not vote for the same icon twice unless it is for the Special Category.

» Schedule:
▫ A new theme will be posted on Sunday.
▫ Submissions for the current theme closes on Saturday.
▫ Voting will be up on Saturday
▫ Results will be up on Mondays.